Water Saving Technologies

In the Las Vegas Valley, we have been experiencing a prolonged drought which has forced us to change the way we design and maintain our landscapes. Unfortunately, most of us think landscape conversions are ugly rock scapes that use little or no water. At Acacia Landscape we have a different way of conserving water.

Part of our responsability as a professional landscape contractor is to inform our clients of new water saving technologies that can help you maintain a beautiful landscape while saving water. Acacia Lanscape spends countless hours researching new products and techniques that will help reduce water usage on our landscape projects. As a certified landscape auditor, Ryan has the ability to evaluate your existing system and give you professional advice on enhancing water conservation on your project. Some of our water saving technologies are listed below:

  • ET Water Smart Controllers that can determine how much to water based on wind, exposure, soil type etc.
  • Subsurface lawn systems that eliminate surface evaporation and deliver water to the roots.
  • Microrotors that can convert existing spray irrigation to a lower flow system which reduces run off, evaporation and waters turf deeper allowing roots to become more tolerable to drought.
  • Netafim tubing can be used to water tree roots deeper preventing run off and evaporation.
Different phases of Subsurface Irrigation

 Subsurface Tubing

Subsurface Irrigation Wetting Pattern

Mature Lawn Being Irrigated by Subsurface Irrigation.

ET Weather Station Controller